Other Letter Lights

Because we make all of our lights in our Plymouth based workshop we now stock around 80 numbers and letters and are proud to say we offer more than just LOVE.

We have a selection of Heart Lights, 8ft for use as a wedding arch or photo booth.  We have a 4ft Heart that can replace the O in LOVE or be used as a standalone piece of decoration.  Lastly we have a mini 2ft Heart Light that can be used on the end of a bar or next to mini Mr & Mrs for example.

We’re also pleased to present our brand new 6ft LOVE, it’s obviously very big and can dominate a small room but for a large function room it’s fab.  Can be used indoors or out and is also colour changing to work with our coloured up lights.

For all sorts of awkward spaces and either side of entrances for example we have a set of 3ft star lights.

Lastly in this section you’ll find our 2ft indoor Mr & Mrs letter lights.  If you’re looking for something totally different, why not push the boat out and have mini Mr & Mrs alongside your “new” Surname.  This provides an attractive focal point and will really give your wedding the WOW factor.


8ft HEART Light

6FT LOVE Letters


3ft Star Lights

3FT STAR Lights


Mini Mr & Mrs

2FT Mr & Mrs Lights

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