China Fleet Weddings

China Fleet is located in Saltash, Cornwall and has a lot to offer as a wedding or event location.  Located less than 15 minutes drive from Plymouth it is easy to access and an ideal wedding location.

 The China Fleet estate offers fine catering, luxurious guest rooms and cottages, and extensive golf and leisure facilities.  China Fleet can accommodate weddings of all sizes.

China Fleet Letter Lights

As a large venue the main room at China Fleet tends to be multi functional.  As such a set of letter lights can be the perfect backdrop for the top table during the day and give a focal point for the dance floor in the evening.  As it’s a large room you can consider *SURNAME* or *DANCE* for example, it doesn’t need to be compact.

We have also set up letters in the bar area at China Fleet and in the separate cottage restaurant / bar if these areas are part of your plans.  As these areas are smaller a set of initials or our pair of stars work well here.


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