There’s this thing about weddings…

by Clare

It’s a beautiful spring day, as Britain is treated to the luxury of summer weather in February.   There are daffodils and summer flowers making their appearance, the trees are starting to blossom and colour seems to come back to the hills.   

As I drive into town in the early morning, traffic has come to a stop.   And before I get too annoyed with the drivers in front, I  catch a glimpse of a mother lamb and her little babies as they take a brave step across the road.  Of course, we don’t mind waiting for such beautiful creatures and wait patiently for nature to make its crossing.   As I continue my journey, I can see the green of the countryside and remind myself how beautiful Devon is this time of year.

There’s this thing about spring, that seems to bring a new optimism and hope that makes weddings this time for year ever more special…

You see there’s this thing about the spring that seems to bring a new optimism and hope that makes weddings this time of year ever more special.  The celebration of true love is a rare glimpse of something fantastic, something new and a hope that so many long for and few manage to find.   A spring wedding has a newness that envelopes everyone who attends – bringing nothing but joy, optimism and a promise that true love is alive and well!

A wedding is not only a formal ceremony and contract that binds you to one another, but it’s a proclamation of love that is definitely worth celebrating!  From the wedding ceremony where the fairy lights adorn the isles to  the party that you’ll never forget.  

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