Polhawn Fort Weddings

True to our hearts Polhawn Fort was our own wedding venue back in 2013 so every visit here is special.  Overlooking Whitsand Bay in South Cornwall, Polhawn commands an imposing figure over the crashing waves and beautiful views.  We speak from experience when recommending Polhawn Fort as the perfect wedding venue.

Letter Lights at Polhawn Fort

We think the letter lights make the perfect backdrop to the red brick and jaw dropping coastal location.

We work closely with the lovely team at Polhawn Fort and are proud to be their preferred suppliers of letter lights. 

Hopefully you agree from the images that the size and scale of the stunning red brick Napoleonic fort works brilliantly with our 4ft letter lights.  As a large main room at The Green it tends to be multi functional.  As such a set of letter lights can be the perfect backdrop for the top table during the day and then give a fun focal point for the dance floor in the evening.  As it’s a large room you can consider *SURNAME* or *DANCE* for example, it doesn’t need to be compact.

We also offer a champagne chiller and outdoor letter lights that could be the perfect adornement for either the Pohawn Fort rooftop or gardens.

Please don’t ask us to get our kit down to Polhawn’s private beach though as we hate having to say no… 


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